Curriculum Statement


Pupils are assessed on entry to Harbour which enables the teaching to be targeted to their needs.  All pupils now follow the new 2014 Primary Science Curriculum and study all three disciplines – biology, chemistry and physics.  As our pupils come from different schools and are working at different levels the emphasis is on working scientifically.

Pupils in year 7 & 8 follow the new KS3 curriculum, again with the emphasis of learning how to work scientifically.
In Year 9 pupils are now assessed as to whether they are put on the Entry Level Science course or working towards their GCSE.  The assessment informs the course they follow and the qualifications they prepare for.  Pupils are encouraged to complete at least one unit for Entry Level Science per term to ensure they reach the deadline for entries to be submitted.  Pupils working towards their GCSE are encouraged to work as a group so that they benefit from working with other pupils, especially during practicals.  Different teaching methods and approaches are used as is considered appropriate for individual pupils.

Mrs S Mahoney (Science Co-Ordinator)

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